Thursday, January 31, 2013


January went by so quickly! I'm nearing the 5th week of winter quarter, which is pretty ridiculous. School has this weird way of making the passing of time seem either inexplicably fast or painstakingly slow. It was a really good month for me though, as school hasn't been too hectic and hanging out has been a lot easier since I'm 21 now.

birthday present from Kelly, shaved ice with a coupla Blockheads, studio sunset, 3 years since my debut, Interim setup with Alex, my project at Interim, burritos y bebidas, Andrew McMahon at the Viper Room with Jeff

Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Glasshouse with Richelle, ConfettYYY, Karen O, case study model, picking oranges, reasons why you shouldn't fall asleep in studio, dinner with friendsies & Mark as a cat, fresh ice

LA, sammiches with Ryssa, lunch with the brother, a Christmas present that came 4 weeks late in the mail, Nothing Gets Crossed Out, rainy day boots, clouds, OFWGKTA, studio love notes, housing field trip with mah homies, my homegurl for lyfe, catchiest record of my life

Now that it's February, I guess I better start prepping for anti-Valentine's day festivities. The last anti-Valentine's day I had was a success so I ain't even mAD~

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


in 2012 I:

cut my hair right below my ears
read constantly
slept less
sketched more
allowed myself to become more open-minded
saw Conor Oberst live and cried.
saw Anthony Green four times with my best friend
had some good times rapping to Childish Gambino
had the best donut of my life.
drank too much
…way too much
realized how it felt to truly care about somebody.
realized how it felt to be deceived by somebody.
realized how it felt to truly miss somebody.
became a bitter person.
had too many close calls
worked hard in studio
found a genuine interest in architecture.
lost self control
but gained it back.
realized how special my friends are.
realized how special my family is.
(especially my sister. hi richelle. luv u.)
made some of the best friends i’ve ever known.
became a better person.
still a little bitter,
but more better than bitter.

it was a crazy roller coaster of a year,
but undoubtedly the most memorable year I’ve had.

in 2013 I hope to:

love the right people
and let them know that I love them.
work even harder
and feel proud of my work.
keep on finding new ways of expressing myself
because I feel like I've been getting better at it,
and I feel like I've become a better person because of it.
work on my portfolio
find an architecture internship
make some business cards
grow my hair out
continue reading as much as possible
get back into songwriting
maintain self control
be less gluttonous
paint more
take more pictures
capture more videos
sketch more
engage in more intellectual conversation
maintain healthy relationships and friendships

lastly, I hope that I get to see The Format this year. I had the chance to see so many of my favorite bands/artists in 2012, so it would really make my life if I could see them. It has been 10 years since the Interventions and Lullabies release and I have the strongest feeling that they're going to have a reunion tour this year. IT HAS TO HAPPEN!