Thursday, December 20, 2012

giving thanks... a month later

Due to the intense amount of work that had to be carried out during the last few weeks of November, I felt like I couldn't adequately celebrate Thanksgiving. I did spend Thanksgiving weekend in studio, so it was pretty hard to find any time to appropriately give thanks when I barely even had time to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner.

But now that things are winding down and I'm finally enjoying the holiday season, I feel like I can adequately give thanks.

Thank you, architecture school, for bringing some really special friends into my life. Also, thanks for the constant challenge that, although a bit trying at times, has introduced me to new ways of thinking, seeing, and learning.

Thank you, cozy ass bed, for being so stinkin comfy and warm every night. And for being my main Netflix homie.

Thank you, concert gods, for bringing SO many good shows to Pomona/LA this year. Anthony Green, Bryce Avary, Childish Gambino, Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis, Circa Survive, Minus the Bear, The Faint, and possibly Casey Crescenzo? Hallelujah, praise the concert lords.

(Can I also just freak out for a second over the fact that I am seeing Andrew McMahon for the first time ever next month? And that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just announced a show at the Glasshouse? All hail the concert gods.)

Thank you, spontaneity, for getting me into some pretty cool/weird/but fun situations. I don't think the opportunity to attend a fancy Christmas cocktail party at Union Station will ever come up again.

Thank you, bedside table, for letting me put all of my junk on top of you, while you safely store my records and books without complaint. And for being the only thing to come home to sometimes. And for being a literal shoulder to cry on while I sit on my floor reading and listening to Bright Eyes records on repeat.

Thank you, best friends, for being so caring, hilarious, understanding, unique, and beautiful. You guys are the best people I know. I hope that our Ikea dates never grow old and that we never tire of their $1 non-fat frozen yogurt because it is as delicious as our friendship is wonderful.


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