Saturday, December 29, 2012

an unconventional 21st

I turned 21 on Thursday.

On Wednesday night, I wasn't sure how to feel about my 21st birthday. Most people go out to drink on their 21st, but seeing as my parents are pretty conservative about drinking and they would be carrying out all of my birthday festivities, I figured that a wild 21st birthday celebration was pretty much out of the question.

My best friend came over on Wednesday just before midnight to wish me a happy birthday and give me the coolest birthday presents ever: a special reissue of an early Bright Eyes record and a book on illustrations (she really is my best friend)

My sister passed her driving test on Thursday morning, so she drove my mom, my youngest sister, and I to one of my favorite cafes and we had a nice brunch, celebrating both her success and my birthday. After brunch, we decided to drive down to the Cabazon outlets. We didn't stay for long, but the drive was nice and the sales were even nicer.

After driving home from Cabazon, I had dinner with my family, my cousins, and my best friend. It was probably one of the better birthday dinners I've had because I didn't have to stand on a chair and cry while the entire restaurant screamed the happy birthday song to my face (which happened to me at Buca di Beppo when I was young and might have scarred me for life).

After dinner with my family, I somehow ended up at WinCo with my best friend and my sister, where I  stole way too many yogurt covered pretzel samples. (wildest thing I did all day)

My birthday ended while listening to records with my best friend and my sister. My 21st wasn't exactly what I pictured, but I spent it with the people I love most, which is pretty okay with me.

Besides, I'm 21 now.
I'm sure that I'll find that wild celebration I was looking for sometime soon.


  1. happy birthday chriscelle! looks like your family and diana made sure that you had a lovely day. :) i love the sunlight in that picture of you driving! and those bangz tho....

    1. thank you kelle!!! sadly i had to retire the bangs after a good 2 months. it was a fun run though.