Monday, September 17, 2012

ticket to the 20's

My younger sister Richelle occasionally volunteers at the Homestead Museum in Industry. Every year they hold a 20's festival, which includes food, dancing, silent films, live jazz bands, old music, fashion shows, historic house tours, and the opportunity to dress up. I mean, could the event sound any more perfect?!?

I went during the last couple of hours on Saturday, just to grab some food from The Lime Truck and make a little game plan of what I was going to do on Sunday. Richelle was running the crafts table on Sunday, so I took my youngest sister Hanna with me. We decided to dress up at the very last minute, so we weren't as decade-appropriate as other people at the festival, but it still felt pretty good to bust out a hat from my hat collection for Hanna to borrow.

(There were also ukulele jam sessions. I'm serious.)

Hanna and I agreed that our favorite parts of the festival were the three silent films we watched: Andy's Stump Speech (1924)The Luny Musician (1906), and My Wife's Relations (1922), which were all accompanied by live performances by silent film composer, Michael Mortilla. We made crafts, took house tours, listened to jazz bands, browsed through records, and ended the night by eating shaved ice by the pond while listening to the last jazz performance of the weekend. Our weekend was pretty eventful, so I feel like our videos (Hanna took some of them!) and pictures could not do the festival justice. It was the most fun I've had all summer and I absolutely cannot wait to come back next year.

Hanna and I captured some very short video clips during the festival. I guess we were so excited to be there that we could not keep our hands steady haha

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

stuff i like: mustard yellow

1. Fortune and Fame Dress - ModCloth
2. Earn Your Wingtips Bag - ModCloth
3. Fortune and Fame Dress - ModCloth
4. Take Caramel Flat - ModCloth
5. More or Cumulus Dress - ModCloth
6. Bow to Stern Scarf - ModCloth
7. Just Like Honey Heel - ModCloth
8. Sun and Sky Salutation Coat - ModCloth

When I was a kid, I got food poisoning from expired mustard in my sandwich and it was pretty traumatizing-- I haven't consumed regular mustard since. Even though mustard is pretty much borderline puke colored, it surprisingly happens to be my favorite color, despite my hatred for the condiment. Honey mustard on the other hand, that I can absolutely get down with...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mid-century modern dreams.

I have not always been interested in architecture. Even though I started drafting classes back in high school and enjoyed the 3 years spent at my drafting desk, I cannot say that I was genuinely interested back then. Even though I have devoted almost all of my time to studio work over the past 2 years, I don't think I developed a genuine interest until this year. March, to be exact. The end of my 2nd year of architecture school was near and I still felt like I hadn't developed a certain defined preference yet. I had a definite idea of what kind of fashion, film, and music I was into (mostly those of the late 40's, 50's, and early 60's), but I just wasn't knowledgable enough to have any sort of idea of what design or architecture I might be into. During this time, I was fortunate enough to have, in my opinion, one of the best professors in the program as my studio advisor. One day I brought a conceptual model to studio and he took an interest in it, which actually made me want to break down into happy tears because somebody saw potential in something I created, which doesn't happen often, if not, ever. He suggested that I read about the Case Study Houses because he believed that it would spark an interest in me and assist me in finishing my project. And so I did. And it truly did spark an interest and undeniably helped me finish my project.

Since then, my interest has grown into a passion. I've submerged myself in mid-century modern culture through documentaries and readings to the point where I cannot go on without dreaming of returning back to that era. Of course, I always dream of returning to that era as a young, curvaceous Caucasian woman living in New York because I don't think a young Filipino woman would fare too well at that time. 

Coincidentally, I started watching Mad Men this summer and I can honestly say that I've got an unhealthy obsession. Like, to the point where I rewatch episodes just so I can identify what songs were used and which Eames chairs were used on set. (if there's anything you should know about me, it's that I'm absolutely out of my mind.) I mean, come on, if it's impossible to physically return to that era, at least I can live vicariously through each episode, amirite?

I mean, just look at Don's old office. Look at dat Eames executive chair. And dat France & Daverkosen chair. And dat Baughman sofa. (screenshot from Netflix)

I also watched a lot of documentaries this summer, but I have to say that Visual Acoustics was probably my favorite. It focuses on the career of Julius Shulman, an architectural photographer most notably associated with the Case Study Houses of the mid-century. I've only ever seen his photographs of the Case Study Houses, but the documentary features video tours of some of the houses. I mean, if I can't physically visit these houses yet, at least I can visit them vicariously through this documentary, amirite?

Brastoff Factory, Julius Shulman (LA Modern Auctions)

A. Quincy Jones Brody House, Julius Shulman (LA Modern Auctions)

My dream of owning a mid-century modern home isn't completely out of the question, since I've discovered that this furniture company makes custom built furniture inspired by popular pieces of the era, that this appliance company makes fridges that work like present-day ones, and that a house like this actually exists in the real estate market. Besides, if owning an actual mid-century modern home proves to be impossible for some reason, at least I'd have the degree (and hopefully the license) to make that dream come true, AMIRITE?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


late night drunken sketch, drinks and cards, new Tenenbaums mousepad, ATU painting, fresh sheets, yet another ATU painting, Asian food cravings, DIY bracelet, the breakfast I had for 2 weeks straight

early morning, driving home, pool party, Gambino show with Ryssa, Catwang, packing

LIGHTS, Warner Bros Studios, new Everlane tees, my Food Network husband and I being cute and stuff, new Clarks, breakfast with Invisible Obama

August was kind of a tough month to get through, with all of the physical, mental, and/or creative struggles that came up along the way. But it was an extremely productive month: I traveled, went to a couple of shows, cooked, sketched, and finished 4.5 seasons of Mad Men and 1 season of Breaking Bad, which can totally be considered as being productive, right?