Sunday, August 26, 2012

heavy burdens.

I woke up feeling a bit sniffly this morning. A bit sniffly, a bit groggy, and a bit upset.

Okay, I lied... extremely upset.

You see, people have always said things about me/to me regarding my health and my body. Nice things and bad things. Mostly bad things.

This is a very personal topic, but this is a personal blog and I am not ashamed or embarrassed to tell my story. I am completely aware that I do not have the "ideal" body. My legs are short, my thighs touch, my arms are flabby, and my stomach isn't flat. Sometimes I eat foods that others might see as unhealthy. Sometimes I order cheeseburgers. Sometimes I add a little extra sugar to my coffee.

But nobody has the damn right to question my health. Nobody has the right to judge me for the way I look or the way I am, which are two completely different things.

Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY: strawberry fields forever

Across the Universe has been one of my favorite movies since it came out when I was in high school. I mean, Jim Sturgess singing Beatles songs and being sexy for 2 whole hours? That's the stuff I do like. This scene is one of my favorites and I've always wanted to recreate Jude's painting, but never really got around to it. I recently took down a canvas "still life" (that I got in the ASIS section of Ikea many years ago) from my bedroom walls. I decided not to trash or donate it because the canvas was in really good condition and I could eventually turn it into something else, so it remained untouched amongst the clutter of my room.

 Last week I made a spontaneous Target purchase (although, these kinds of purchases happen so often that I don't think it's appropriate to call them "spontaneous" anymore) and bought One Day on DVD. You know, that chick flick where Jim Sturgess acts all cute and hot and perfect for 2 hours? Yeah, that movie. I actually really enjoyed the movie, even though it made me cry a whole lot. After watching that movie, I decided to start a Jim Sturgess movie marathon, which started with The Other Boleyn Girl, then Heartless, then The Way Back, then 21, and ended with Across the Universe. I honestly considered watching Owls of Ga'hoole because he's in it, but then I realized that his face would not be in the movie because he plays an animated owl. And so after all that happened, I found myself painting over the "still life" from Ikea and pinning artificial strawberries to the canvas. Of course it didn't feel as satisfying as pinning real fruits, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out. (even if my mom doesn't like it much)

square canvas (mine was 22" x 22"), red acrylic paint, t-pins, artificial strawberries

.. and this is the painting hung up on my wall. I'd like to end this ridiculously long post by thanking Lucy for getting Jude all riled up in Across the Universe and giving him the inspiration to make a cool painting while looking real sexy. xx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

August is over?

The past 3 weeks have passed by so quickly. Unfortunately I've failed to complete a majority of the things on my monthly to-do list, but I did manage to do little things that I did not even think to write down, like paint, write a couple of songs, and hike a lot more.

My best friend left for a couple of weeks to enjoy paradise in Hawaii. Then I had to say goodbye to a friend who I wasn't ready to say goodbye to, which shook me for a little bit because I don't cope with drastic change that well. I sketched a lot, cleaned a lot, rearranged furniture a lot, and just enjoyed staying in, which I no longer dread doing.

Last weekend, my family and I decided to go on yet another last minute camping trip. We originally wanted to stay somewhere in the northern San Diego area, but that didn't work out, so we started heading home. Somehow we ended up stopping for lunch in Lake Elsinore, which eventually turned into staying there for the whole weekend. Lake Elsinore is not the prettiest destination (or is it the best smelling...), but it was nice to enjoy a peaceful weekend with my siblings and my cousins before everybody started school.

Friday, August 3, 2012

LIGHTS at Warner Brother Records

Today my sister and I attended one of Warner Brother Records' Summer Sessions, which featured LIGHTS AKA realest homegurl AKA Canadian goddess as their musical guest. Typically these Summer Sessions are limited to Warner Bros guests, employees, and VIP's, fortunately we made it into the limited space they had available for fans.

(this kid in line had a cool backpack)

(this was the lobby, which only made me want to work for Warner Brothers even more)

LIGHTS played several songs off Siberia, as well as an acoustic version of "Drive My Soul", which I hope somebody will upload soon, because it was pretty perf. After her set, she hung out for a little bit, taking pictures with fans and thanking everybody for coming. After meeting her for the first time (after many many years of wanting to meet her), I am pretty convinced that she is in fact, a goddess.