Tuesday, July 31, 2012


last minute architecture field trip with Ever before he left for the summer, Fourth of July, picked some peaches in my backyard, had my wisdoms taken out, lazy summer days = Aunt Jemima headscarf, shopping with my preppy sister, Gambino gurl 4ever (I'M SEEING DONALD GLOVER IN 10 DAYS), new summer reads, the night I forgot how to put makeup on and realized that I'm a sad excuse for a girl.

Teen Choice Awards, me on tv cheering for my bby Zac Efron, sketching after breakfast, me being immature while running errands, teaching my little sister how to play ukulele, how I wish everyday could be like, burrito stop in Santa Barbara, kayaking in Cachuma, art after breakfast.

July consisted of a whole lot of sketching, reading, writing, playing music, and adventuring. 2 months of summer left!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

camping at Cachuma

Things haven't been going so well for me lately. This month was going extremely well at first, stupidly well actually, but I set my expectations too high and I've just been disappointed with almost everything I've come across over the past week or two.

My friends, family, and my newest author crush Michael Chabon have made this slump bearable. I've recently started reading Chabon's Manhood for Amateurs, which features an essay entitled, "The Wilderness of Childhood." I've yet to finish the book, but so far this essay has been my favorite part of the book so far (his essay on Legos and Legoland is a close second). He talks about how children of the modern generation have forgotten (or have never learned) how to explore and how to get lost in the wild, mostly due to the constant worry parents have about exposing their children to danger. It really appealed to me because I figured I've been feeling so down because I just feel stuck. Stuck in this town, in this house, in this room, in the same routine. So I packed up some things and set out on a last minute camping trip to Lake Cachuma with my family, with the intentions of getting lost.

The first thing we did was hike several miles along the rocky shore of Cachuma's peninsula.

We then kayaked for several miles around the lake. I think it's safe to say that kayaking is my new favorite sport, I could honestly do it alllll daaaay.

My sisters, cousins, and I in our tents after our first day. The following pictures are of a cove that was near our campsite, which I visited multiple times throughout the trip.

We got in trouble with lake patrol for entering restricted areas, had to climb hillsides to get back to our campsite, and I almost took the wrong freeway while driving back home, but these things didn't startle me like they usually would.. I felt a sort of reassurance that I had in fact, gotten lost.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

our little trip to Solvang

The weekend after our kayaking trip, my family and I drove up to Santa Barbara county, with the intentions of making a stop in Santa Barbara for lunch, a stop in Solvang right after, and a stop in Camarillo on the way back home. Sadly the 101 N was crazy packed and it took more than 3 hours to get to Santa Barbara, which set us back. We decided to grab some Mexican food from Lito's Take Out (after seeing it on Triple D with Guy Fieri), then eat on the drive to Solvang. All of these pictures were taken on the same disposable I used during kayaking.
While waiting for our food outside of the restaurant, Lito went up to my dad and brought us some chips and salsa. I think my dad was pretty starstruck-- he even asked Lito for a picture haha.  When we got to Solvang, it immediately smelled like pastries and every building looked like it belonged on a top notch mini-golf course or inside of a theme park.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

kayaking in La Jolla

Okay, so I'm not really an adventurous person. If given the choice between a hike and a visit to a museum, I'd definitely choose the museum. I'm an indoor-sy girl who would rather sip on some coffee while reading a good book in the library... but every once in a while I take a book and a coffee to-go and read on pretty park benches. And on super rare occasions, I leave my coffee and my book at home and do outdoor-sy things.

Last Friday, my family and I drove down to La Jolla to grab some lunch and go kayaking. During lunch, I was pretty disappointed that the sky was still gloomy and stormy. But as soon as we got our kayaks in the water, the sun came up and the sea calmed.  My sister and I were surprisingly really good at paddling and managed to survive 2.5 hours without flipping our kayak over. I was too scared to bring my phone out while in the water, so all of these pictures were taken on a disposable.

We ended the day in San Diego with some California burritos from Lucha Libre (super delicious) and contemplations about dropping out of architecture school to start a competitive kayaking team with my sister (super delirious).

Sunday, July 1, 2012

summer mix or whatever

One of my pet peeves is having to skip 10 songs on shuffle before finding a song that I really want to listen to (especially while driving). So I mixed a bunch of songs I like together into one mp3. It kind of tells the story of what I’ve been through over the past several months (as lame and cliche as that sounds). It’s also kind of saving my life now that I’m not driving while being distracted by my iPod. It’s a huge file so I couldn’t upload it on here, but I put it on mediafire if you’d like to download it and listen.

Things That Hide Away – The Dear Hunter

A New – Little Dragon

When I’m With You – Best Coast

Feel the Love – Cut Copy

Fucking Boyfriend – The Bird and the Bee

Suddenly Everything Has Changed – Ben Gibbard

Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl – Broken Social Scene

Up All Night – Best Coast

What Time Taught Us – The Dear Hunter

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart – Broken Social Scene

Breakin’ Up – Rilo Kiley