Sunday, April 22, 2012


Every day I put together a to-do list on a little post-it and keep it with me all day so I can cross out whatever I accomplish throughout the day. Today I got really tired of seeing "blog SOMETHING" written on my to-do list for the 26th time in a row, so I finally forced myself to post on here. Hopefully I'll get better at consistently updating this thing...

At the beginning of the month, I started spring quarter and celebrated my best friend's 20th birthday. I'm usually terrible with gifts (totally guilty of regifting and giftcarding), but over the past couple of months I've been trying really hard to give out thoughtful gifts. I managed to find a ~*super kawaii*~ Iphone case for Diana and I actually wrapped it in a box. (a pretty cute box, might I add)

During Easter weekend, Ryssa and I adventured to Downtown LA before attending WoD. We got lost, brunched it, and met up with a friend later at the Convention Center. WoD was way too unorganized and didn't exactly measure up to my expectations, but I ran into some old friends and had a really good time anyway.

Our studio project for this quarter is to design a rock climbing site in Joshua Tree, focusing on sustainability. So last week we headed out to the Frontier Project in Rancho for a quick studio field trip.

I also had the chance to catch up with Gabe this past week, after not having seen him since winter break. He lives in Claremont now (which is only 10 minutes away from my school), so we walked around his hood, had some ice cream, and pretended like we were students from Pomona College. (not Cal Poly Pomona, das the ghetto Pomona)

One of our studio projects due next week is a concrete module, so my group and I decided to do something totally unexpected and finish the project early. It was pretty hard for *this* procrastinator to stay an extra 8 hours on a Friday (a very warm Friday, might I add) to finish a project, but we did it. So we might have spent an hour or two (or three) at Ever's house eating ice cream, playing with his new puppy, and taking a little boba break... but at least we finished, right?

April was pretty cool.