Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Even if I desperately need to study, or even if I need to catch up with friends, I always dedicate every Saturday to my family.
Last week, my sister Richelle needed to go to the Homestead Museum in Industry for an interview on Saturday morning. She's going to be a tour guide there every once in a while, so I'm kind of excited to take a tour when she's working there :) We all got dressed up, explored the museum, ate sandwiches for lunch, and enjoyed our Saturday together.

(I also baked macaroons for the first time later that night, they were pretty stinkin good bakerella in tha housseeee)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

cute & girly wins the lace

I am a huge fan of ModCloth, but sometimes it's hard to browse when you're living on a college student's budget. The only way I can keep shopping on ModCloth is through their Cabin Fever sale and their contests, so I've entered their newest contest. It's really the easiest thing-- you style a dress on Polyvore using accessories and clothes from Modcloth, come up with a witty board name, submit it, and hope that you win! Prior to this contest, I've never used Polyvore before, but it is super addicting and fun-- I think I might post some of my boards on here from time to time.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

vibe xvii.

Last Sunday was Vibe XVII. During high school, I was really into the hip hop dance scene, but slowly grew out of it when I knew that I'd never be able to dance like any of my favorite teams. I mean, I can do a pretty mean cabbage patch and running man, but people don't really get down with those dances, yknow?

When the chance to go to this year's Vibe came up, I started watching some old dance videos from my sophomore year. Then I randomly came across this video from when I danced in an assembly during my senior year:

And I was reminded of how fun dance can be, no matter how good, silly, or even how bad you may think you look. (I still feel really silly though haha)

So on the day of Vibe, Ryssa, Michael (who I had just met that day but turned out to be super ridiculously chill), and I met at school and headed out to Irvine. I ran into some friends, saw some familiar faces, geeked out over the dancers I loved back in high school, witnessed a proposal (!!!!!), and sat in the front row.

My three favorite perfomances were from:
Academy of VIllains (TOOOOO SIIIICKKK):

Choreo Cookies:

and SGBM:

After Vibe, we ate at Guppy's in Rowland and headed home. The three of us are supposed to take a dance class together sometime soon, so I guess I have to start working on my moves and my swag, because you know, hip hop dance is probably like 40% swag and 60% dance ability. (you think it's time to bust out my Nike collection?)

Hands down one of the best nights I've had in a while. I think I've definitely outgrown my desire to get back into the dance scene, but it was nice being able to bond with friends over an old hobby.